Young people from ¡YouthWorks! do classroom work as part of their internship in digital fabrication.
Young people from ¡YouthWorks! work with a digital laser printer as part of their internship at MAKE Santa Fe.

YouthWorks is partnering with MAKE Santa Fe to offer a course in digital fabrication.

MAKE Santa Fe is a local non-profit community workspace where people can access tools, resources and workshops in order to make, repair, invent, or create anything they can dream.

It’s like a gym, but with powerful tools instead of exercise equipment and skilled craftspeople instead of personal trainers.

In this 12-week course, students meet four times a week at the MAKE Santa Fe facility, which is located at 2879 All Trades Road.

Participants learn the basics of computer aided design, computer numerical control, additive and subtractive manufacturing, as well as lab safety.

For more information, contact us at (505) 989-1855.