University of New Mexico School of Medicine students Claire Melo, Brian Wilkinson, and Ryan Keffer wrapped up their final sexual health class with YouthWorks students on Wednesday, July 19.

UNM Medical Students Lead Session at ¡YouthWorks!

The three second-year medical students brainstormed with YouthWorks staff at the end of June about how to engage in public health outreach with YouthWorks students.

Out of that brainstorming session, the trio of med students developed a four-week comprehensive, youth-focused health curriculum around the topics of sexual health, anatomy and physiology, substance abuse, and mental health.

When asked why they chose YouthWorks as the site to develop this public health programming, Mr. Wilkinson said, “We are passionate about teaching and educating the youth on issues that affect them, and want to make sure they can make informed decisions.”


UNM Medical Students Lead Session at ¡YouthWorks!

As a result of the positive feedback received from students, YouthWorks hopes to continue this collaborative partnership with UNM medical students in the future.

Ms. Melo said her greatest take-away from the experience was “learning how to present information, obtain feedback, and implement that feedback into design.”

The educational materials developed over the four-week period will incorporate student feedback, be updated to reflect that feedback, and will become the property of YouthWorks to use in educating future students.