The YouthWorks food truck will be at Las Golondrinas (334 Los Pinos Road) Saturday and Sunday, August 4 and 5.

Stop by and sample the tasty fare prepared by YouthWorks Catering under the direction of Chef Carmen Rodriguez.


Crispy Korean Brussels Sprouts $6
Charred brussels sprouts tossed in sweet and spicy Korean barbecue sauce (V,VG)
Fried Riced Cauliflower Buddha Bowl $7
Riced cauliflower stir fried with seasonal veggies & Buddha Belly sauce (V,VG)
Add-on $2
Red or green chile pork belly candy or achiote pineapple chicken
Pig Newton (2) $6
Graham cracker biscuits filled with spicy pork belly candy, bacon & fig jam


Beverages $4
Mint Jamaica Agua Fresca 
Ginger Melonada


(VG) Vegetarian  (V) Vegan