Seven YouthWorks students graduated today from a 10-week digital fabrication course at Make Santa Fe.

Through this progrm, participants gain a basic understanding of the Maker Movement in classroom discussions, hands-on training, through field trips, and through projects created independently and in teams using MAKE Santa Fe’s tools, network, and staff.

This course entails 10 weeks of programming, three days a week for five hours.

At graduation, students demonstrate through their portfolios and resumes proficient usage of various disciplines that may include metal fabrication, wood fabrication and carpentry, sewing, CAD drafting, 3D modeling, digital additive manufacturing, and digital subtractive manufacturing.

Participants in the class also develop skills in project planning and management, creating proposals, sketches, and prototypes, as well as writing about their ideas.

YouthWorks staff would like to thank SER Jobs for Progress for securing use of the maker space for the course and for providing students with post-training job and educational placement assistance.