KSFR, Santa Fe’s public radio station, featured YouthWorks in a two-part interview that aired on Monday and Tuesday, February 4 and 5.

Wake-Up Call Host/Producer MK Mendoza spoke with both staff and youth who are, as she said, “paving the way toward building community from the ground up.” 

In Part 1, MK interviewed Joe, who four years ago was living in Albuquerque, feeling low, and having a hard time in school. After his cousin mentioned YouthWorks, Joe decided to take a chance and moved to Santa Fe “with nothing” but a strong desire for his life to be different.

At YouthWorks, Joe found what he needed. Our small group + hands-on learning opportunities, “no youth left behind” commitment, community supports, and caring family style gave Joe the foundation he needed to build the life he wanted.

If you missed the segment, hear Joe’s story and more here.

Click here for Part Two to hear about the opportunities for youth to prepare for jobs in everything from construction/weatherization and fire prevention to culinary arts and health care.