The roof of the Youthworks facility on Cerrillos Road had seen better days, so early on the morning of Monday, January 16, a crew of thirty young people braved the cold to remove the existing roof to make way for a new insulated replacement.

The students are all a part of YouthBuild, our construction job training program. They usually work at the Habitat for Humanities work site, so Monday was a chance to work closer to “home.”


The YouthBuild crew removes the old roof from the ¡YouthWorks! building.

The crew shoveled the gravel covering the entire roof into wheel barrows, dumped the gravel off the roof into a dumpster, and then peeled back the tar paper to expose the entire roof.

The YouthBuild crew carts away debris in preparation for installing the new roof.
The YouthBuild crew is hard at work removing the old roof from the ¡YouthWorks! building.

One of the crew demonstrated that his construction training had “taken” when he reminded a staff member who was taking photos of the work: “Always wear a hard hat when you’re working on a roof.”