The Kind World Foundation, founded by a high-tech entrepreneur who lives part-time in Santa Fe, has offered a grant of $50,000 to fund a pilot program to set up a safe overnight shelter for homeless young adults in Santa Fe.

Beds are needed for homeless youth in Santa Fe.

Young people ages 18 to 24 often fall through the cracks of existing local programs for the homeless, since some local shelters focus on teens under the age of seventeen, others primarily on families, and others on older adults.

The grant will be available only if the nonprofits collaborating on the project can raise $20,000 in matching funds this month.

Matching Funds as of January 17, 2017

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Please Help Us Make Our Match
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YouthWorks will serve as the umbrella organization for the project, working with the following local nonprofits to tackle youth homelessness in Santa Fe:

  • Santa Fe Public Schools Adelante Program
  • Youth Shelters and Family Services Transitional Living Programs
  • Youth Shelters and Family Services Street Outreach
  • Santa Fe Community Foundation’s Birth to Career Collaborative